At Maiseys Bakery we use natural, simple and healthy ingredients to make our large selection of breads along with a traditional method passed down through the generations.  British milled flours are used along with water, yeast and salt of which we source locally were possible.

Split Tin Large £1.85
Tin Large £1.85 Small £1.10
Bloomer Large £1.90 Small £1.10
Farmhouse Large £1.90 Small £1.10
Cottage Large £1.90 Small £1.10
Portland Large £1.85 Small £1.10
Tiger Bloomer Large £2.00 Small £1.15
Cotswold Crunch Large £2.00 Small £1.15
Wholemeal Large £1.90 Small £1.15
Wholemeal Bloomer Large £1.95 Small £1.10
Granary Large £2.00 Small £1.15
Granary Bloomer Large £1.95

This is just a selection of our most popular breads so if you do not see what you are looking for, please use our contact form